Special Ops Bunnies

Special Ops Bunnies

"Always being there for each other, always willing to lend a helping hand."

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Welcome to the Special Ops Bunnies clan page! Special Ops Bunnies welcomes its members regardless of skill level or time played. The goal of our clan is to help each individual player develop his or her own skills, progress further in the game, and create in game wealth in regards to in game currency, and in game knowledge. We are always trying to involve as many clan members as we possibly can in the bossing trips we do daily. However, as we grow each individual player, we ourselves are looking to grow to be able to better assist incoming members. There is always more knowledge to obtain, and we hope that you can join us on that journey.

What Special Ops Bunnies has to offer:
1. Tier 5 Citadel
2. Many God Wars Dungeon 2 Bossing Trips (We also do other bosses; however, this is where many clan members spend much of their time)
3. Open Discord Server for Members and Guests
4. Many opportunities to create new friends

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Philwhite12 Philwhite12 Overseer
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Clan event - Citadel Reset 114 03-May-20 00:30
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