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Sturm Front

"Welcome! Clan National Front values loyalty above everything. Relax and chill!"

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Why do we call ourselves 'National Front'? We started off as a DG-oriented clan under the name of 'Diamond DG Front'. We are a close-knitted yet open-minded, sometimes outlandish, clan of people.

We don't have a citadel and there is no pressure of clan obligations - except we demand your loyalty. Loyalty is always rewarded with clan ranks. Hence we have loyal guests who also go PvMing and DGing with us. Come online and chill whenever real life releases you from slavery working for rich manipulators in our world causing our lives to descend into a Sisyphean cycle of sufferings. Don't be afraid to be inactive whenever your slave duties in the real world demand your time and energy.

If you have DISCORD, join our server (link:

We look forward to being with you in our struggle for a better world.
National Front of RS3

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