"From the ashes, we rise!"

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Subsistence is a clan whose goal is to possess the most fundamental traits of being a clan. That is, we strive to provide an atmosphere where people can make friends, talk to each other, and simply enjoy playing RuneScape together. With this in mind, we do not have any level requirements, event activity requirements, or anything which would detract from these fundamental aspects.

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Useph Useph Owner
Faskis Faskis Deputy Owner
Seany O Crum Seany O Crum Overseer
Unknown828 Unknown828 Organiser
MiniBandGeek MiniBandGeek Organiser
Serpentotia Serpentotia Organiser
Antelope10 Antelope10 Organiser
MJDurlak MJDurlak Admin
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Eleithias Interested in joining? 28-Dec-2015 13:26
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