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Welcome to SupaNova!

SupaNova is an active and fun clan, striving to be one of the Best in the Game. It may be a long shot but with courage, valour and honour we can fight as one.
We are a clan, wanting to make the best out of Runescape, and have fun, socializing and making friends. A clan is a family, and we a determined to make it that way, so when you play RS, you will not be on your own, but with us, SupaNova, backing you up every step of the way.

Be active and Loyal and your sure to be promoted.

We are looking for a Good and solid team, with permanent members. A leader honours Loyalty above all other.

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Aragon138 Aragon138 Owner
Aragon139 Aragon139 Deputy Owner
[#82Y0OPI56] [#82Y0OPI56] Admin
[#KQV73FM6W] [#KQV73FM6W] Captain
[#8QZPVUS4Z] [#8QZPVUS4Z] Recruit
[#O96FCU3AL] [#O96FCU3AL] Recruit
Way2Pro Way2Pro Recruit
[#2X240WD2I] [#2X240WD2I] Recruit
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