T0p Sh0ts

T0p Sh0ts

"Get 1000 Resources, Get 250k! (: *LOYALTY*"

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Hello all,
               This is Mr_Touchdown, the leader, if you want to join pm meh :). We help people and chat. A LOT. so be ready to type :D we are not big on the citadel but if u join and are a member u are allowed anytime you want. The way i rank is if you recruit someone i will give u one rank until you get a higher rank like gen then it takes 2 ppl, but once u r at gen, there others stuff to do. Or for the mems you could go to the citadel and get resources and for every 1000 u get 1 rank or 100k, We hope to see more people in our clan.
                     Sincerely your leader***********************************************_Touchdown

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