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Team AF

"Welcome to the team - Kickback, relax and have a good time!"

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Hello! And Welcome to our clan. Team AF! What do you think AF stands for :D? In our clan we do many things. And everyone is able to join. Only one requirement - "Don't be a pain in the neck!" But we are friendly to everyone.Drop by, say hello, and have a good time. Just to say, this sounds very corny, and Ulin you're gonna have to edit this so much. I won't embarrass myself any further. -.-

- Don't bug the admins with pointless things (I got hacked can I have free stuff etc.. there's nothing we can do,and anyone begging can and will be Kicked/Temp banned from the chat)
- No talking bad about other members
- No trolling
- If you are Kicked/Temp banned by an admin, chances are there was a good reason for it - so don't whine

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