Terminator Lords

Terminator Lords

"We fight to the last man, we fight to our death! We are Terminator Lords!"

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Terminator Lords founded by Ur_late4tea, Zaros6, Krookink and 2 other allies we are a kind and friendly clan who help others train, make money and of course pk there are no requirements to join just have fun. Wish a Congratulation to Krookink for becoming a Deputy Owner I hope you all enjoy staying in our clan hopefully will all become memebers soon. FOR THE REST OF MANKIND!!! Allied Clans: Brotherhood Killers + The Warhammers

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Dazzadare Dazzadare Owner
Worky Worky Overseer
sjev7 sjev7 Admin
[#19UZGCCZJ] [#19UZGCCZJ] General
[#ZA8SPTNNP] [#ZA8SPTNNP] Lieutenant
[#1EJO98SNG] [#1EJO98SNG] Sergeant
[#FJP61EJ5W] [#FJP61EJ5W] Sergeant
[#6INS31MWS] [#6INS31MWS] Sergeant
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Meeting 16 01-Apr-12 18:30
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