The Prodigy

The Prodigy

"Death smiles at all of us all a man can do is smile back"

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The Prodigy, We are a Clan that has been around for many years, we are always active.
We work together for a better future for the entire clan and would be happy to have you aboard.

Clan Rules:
1.Obey all jagex rules.
2.No spam-advertising.
3.Only one account can be used in the clan.
4.Do not be racist
5.No Unecessary threads on the forums.

Our only requirement is you must be willing to take part in the clan,that includes clan events and citadel work, 'specially if you would like to be admin.

If you would like to join, post on our "Join Us" thread or PM Xelyt or  Haibhailie
 their private is always on. You may have your very own  Thread on our forums, as long as you still follow ALL the rules, they do apply.

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