The Avenging Paladin

The Avenging Paladin

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This page is our main home base for communication between current members of our clan, as well as those who wish to become clan members.

We are an International based clan with members ranging from novice to mastery. We currently have Masters in every non member skill such skills as mining, smithing, cooking, woodcutting, firemaking as well as masters in combat, like Ranging and Magic. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your game or if you are a person who supports peace on Runescape, This is the clan for you!

We have a various range of activities to do such as Clan Wars, Wilderness Parades, Falador Party Room Celebrations after a parade, Drop Parties in the Falador Party Room and much more. We have so much to do you'll never get bored, plus, we are almost ALWAYS active throughout all time zones.

If you would like to visit our clan chat at any time, you may do so by entering 'FireNation' as the clan name (yellow chat)

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Iroh IV

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wizard1887 wizard1887 Owner
deadmerk deadmerk Lieutenant
Tegveer1 Tegveer1 Lieutenant
Iey Iey Sergeant
Porta7 Porta7 Sergeant
S0ME THlNG S0ME THlNG Sergeant
[#DMCN8PYE3] [#DMCN8PYE3] Sergeant
Critigon Critigon Sergeant
[#9NT6SHT7W] [#9NT6SHT7W] Sergeant
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Activities - Pest Control 6 17-May-14 16:00
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