The Blue Eyed Devils

The Blue Eyed Devils

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Ebola Unit is a PvP-driven clan for players with 1-55 defence. Backed by some of the most talented pkers this game has to offer, our mission in Runescape is to offer low defence-pures of all types a home away from home. Although majority of our members are maxed pures, we accept applications from players who range from 1-55 defence & have at least 2 combat stats over 90 (including summoning). We feel as if zerkers who leveled their defence due to the dreadful EoC update should still be considered pures up to the level 55 def. EoC players are more than welcome to apply. However, most of our members prefer Legacy. A passion for pre-EoC Runescape & common pking knowledge is highly recommended, but not required

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Blouin Blouin Deputy Owner
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Learn Today Learn Today Coordinator
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Observador Observador Coordinator
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