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"We're a community clan open to all level whos always looking for members"

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As you can read from our motto we just started this clan and therefore we are in a need of new members. The perks of joining a clan this early is the ability to help form the clan to what it will be in the future.

As the name suggests this is mostly a community based clan. Which means levels and such doesn't really matter. We will still host events and some of them might be combat based, but we will try our hardest to have events which include everyone. :)

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Point Zero Point Zero Owner
Corp Junior Corp Junior General
Durthii Durthii Captain
Kaukau5 Kaukau5 Lieutenant
palaxa palaxa Lieutenant
Kaith Amaris Kaith Amaris Sergeant
Miss Me121 Miss Me121 Sergeant
sagome159 sagome159 Sergeant
Lypz Lypz Sergeant
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Point Zero Ranking System 16-May-2014 17:49
Point Zero New members 06-Mar-2014 15:13
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