The E O C

The E O C

"Only Massive 35 & Under Attack Clan. Elite Obsidian Clan Low Attack High Success"

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EOC = Elite Obsidian Clan

We are the only mass obby clan in existance to this date. Join us with 35- attack to be a part of our wonderful obby/corrupt community along with wars, pking, and fun events.

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S33 U In 1um S33 U In 1um Deputy Owner
Wooxs Dad Wooxs Dad Deputy Owner
Obsidian Y2K Obsidian Y2K Overseer
Sole Deity Sole Deity Admin
[#HHP808KAG] [#HHP808KAG] Admin
Burgundy Burgundy General
[#SRB5J4B9E] [#SRB5J4B9E] Captain
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