The Gladiatorz

The Gladiatorz

"Brains on, thumbs up!"

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Founded in February 2001, we are now the oldest active clan in Runescape. Come join a piece of history.

What We Offer
* Daily Events; High and low level PvM/DG/Minigames + more!
* Active forums and Teamspeak server.
* Laid-back and welcoming community.
* International memberbase meaning there is always someone online to play with.
* Active and involved leadership.
* Clear and easy ranking system. Effort is rewarded.

To join our clan please Google search for "The Gladiatorz" (we are the first result) and apply on our forums. Hope to see you join the community!

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Wolf Eyes Wolf Eyes Overseer
Vigilant Foe Vigilant Foe Overseer
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