The Golden Company

The Golden Company

"Our word is good as gold."

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The Golden Company was created in August, 2014 by Chairboy and DyniX on a purpose to help both F2P and P2P players learn about the game as they level up. We stress importance in group activities as a clan, and help all members learn about different skills, money making methods, quest help, and all other Runescape inquiries. Our upper administration is always there to help guide you.

Our Clan participates in the following activities:
- Group Dungeoneering
- Group Bossing @ GWD
- Group Skilling
- Group Questing
- Individual Bossing
- Questing
- Clan Recruitment Sessions
- Drop Party Events
- More to Come

Need help? Our experts are here to help you in these following fields:
- Low to High Money Flipping
- Money Making
- All Quests
- All Skills and locations / criteria for those skills
- Melee, Ranged, and Magic Gear Set-up
- All Tasks
- Much More

What are you waiting for? Join our Clan Channel and speak to a recruiting member to learn more about our opportunities.

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