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Welcome to the home of The H4S Lounge. We are a community clan with no requirements. Our clan chat and our citadel are both open to guests so do feel free to pop in and pay us a visit even if you don't intend to join. If you wish to join our clan you are more then welcome to, just enter the clan chat as a guest and ask for an invite.

Many of the members of this clan were former star hunting members of the now defunct fc "Hunt4Stars". This chat wrote many of the guides that other chats now use.  While hunting stars, we formed tight bonds and when clans came out, made this one.  Many of our members were never part of this group and are still made to feel comfortable here.  You will find it friendly and relaxed.

While you are in our clan chat please remember to be polite and kind to other people inside and outside of the clan chat. Also please do not use any bad language in any language including abbreviations or acronyms.

Try us out.  

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