The Haven

The Haven

""Haven"- a refuge, shelter. A safe place. "

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A refuge from the drama and demands of goal-driven clans.

A shelter to freely come spend time and freely leave if greater challenges beckon.

A safe place to stay and enjoy the game with a friendly community of players.

The Haven welcomes all levels, both free players and members.
We do not give duties to clan members or have mandatory responsibilities. Instead we focus on simply having fun while playing RuneScape and having some company while doing so.

Thank you for stopping by! =)
-Elecyah & Amiaji -

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Elecyah Elecyah Owner
Amiaji Amiaji Deputy Owner
Electricado Electricado Overseer
IronAmi IronAmi Overseer
Rautaele Rautaele Overseer
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Elecyah The Haven ranking system 08-Nov-2015 00:14
Elecyah The Haven Welcome Thread 06-Aug-2015 20:29
Elecyah The Haven Code of Conduct 09-Jul-2015 23:25
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