The Legacy of RS

The Legacy of RS

"The Legacy of RS runs through our veins!"

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The Legacy of RS Clan has not been around long, but the manner of which we conduct the clan has been prominent since 2001
We as a unit are fair and just administrators.
Their people are loyal, hard working and peaceful.
Both intelligent and noble, The Legacy of RS leaders have endeared themselves to their clan mates.
Unusual devotion to duty and an unwavering hand of help is a common feature among this clan.
True to our nature, we shall let the legacy of runescape reign to achieve our goals through diplomacy.

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Luna Rune Luna Rune Owner
Rslegacybank Rslegacybank Organiser
Captcrunchy Captcrunchy Admin
PaperWolves PaperWolves General
Sneakyzebra1 Sneakyzebra1 Sergeant
Sdawgg Sdawgg Sergeant
BlueTribalPK BlueTribalPK Sergeant
Sttrforev Sttrforev Sergeant
hsuperior453 hsuperior453 Sergeant
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