The Order of Bandos

The Order of Bandos

"Succeed or Die Trying"

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Our Clan is based off loyalty, we do almost every mini game and will do pvp although this isn't a pvp clan. we strive for power and riches!

To rank up to get someone new to join the clan. (only ranks up to Sergeant)
after Sergeant ranks are based on helpfulness to other clan members, merit, and clan xp.

 -Dont be a jerk!
 -listen to rules! (obvious)
 -No spamming!
 -listen to admins!
- No flaming in chat
- No fighting in chat
- No overly offensive topics such as race, religion, or politics.
- No begging for money from other clan members. (ask a higher rank for details)

If you break the rules than you may be subjected to demotion and in some cases ban!

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Top Clanmates

badshadow374 badshadow374 Owner
[#KRCQUDVY4] [#KRCQUDVY4] Deputy Owner
DemonHuntter DemonHuntter Deputy Owner
[#ZLZQAV3OT] [#ZLZQAV3OT] Overseer
Iron Arnfinn Iron Arnfinn Coordinator
Dawg606 Dawg606 Admin
Sir Exousia Sir Exousia Captain
Don Tortuga Don Tortuga Lieutenant
Jalopy Jalopy Lieutenant
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Ink Springs Welcome to The Order of Bandos 25-Sep-2016 20:21
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