The Phoenix Ruby

The Phoenix Ruby

"We are brave, we are strong, we are loyal. We are warriors!"

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May The Phoenix Fly Eternally!

Looking for an organized, social and friendly clan?
Well you've come to the right place!

Now recruiting! Our ranking system is first based on Combat Level: From 20-59 Corporal, 60-79 Sergeant, 80-89 Lieutenant and 90+ Captain. According to your Combat lvl you will recive your starting rank.

Work your way up in the chain of command and receive new kinds of resposibilities along with the respect of your fellow clan mates.

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dekhazzard dekhazzard Captain
[#U4CEGGKZL] [#U4CEGGKZL] Sergeant
Vodstocká88 Vodstocká88 Sergeant
[#SYBG6M7KM] [#SYBG6M7KM] Sergeant
[#B52RPA2WJ] [#B52RPA2WJ] Sergeant
[#XEL77B2HZ] [#XEL77B2HZ] Corporal
[#5A7CF5268] [#5A7CF5268] Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Party 8 22-Aug-11 21:00
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