The RS Republic

The RS Republic

"A Greater Foundation."

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A newly reformed clan with ambitions to compete with the more well known clans. This clan is mainly skill-social oriented but with members who are experienced with both Player versus Monster (PvM) and Player versus Player (PvP) aspects of the game. You can learn our rules by asking a member of the clan.

--Our ranking system is made up these specific criterias--

You will receive one rank-up based on the experience gained whilst in the clan. The experience values that correspond with these ranks are as follows:
The other method(s) of ranking up for those who struggle to achieve mass amounts of experience will receive one rank-up for capping at the citadel four times. So, every four times one caps at the citadel, they will receive one rank-up. Also, you may rank-up based on helpfulness within the clan (determined by Overseer+)

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Dorse Dorse Owner
AestheticsRS AestheticsRS Lieutenant
[#13JPDAXTB] [#13JPDAXTB] Sergeant
Strikors Strikors Corporal
BeyondMorals BeyondMorals Recruit
Da Reaper458 Da Reaper458 Recruit
cherjer cherjer Recruit
The RS Panda The RS Panda Recruit
twisted4932 twisted4932 Recruit
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