The Rebel Revolvers

The Rebel Revolvers

"We Live To Die With Pride. Have Faith In Yourself. Be Proud To Be Yourself."

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Hello, I am Mystic8gmc also the owner of this clan, and I am going to tell a little about our clan, The Rebel Revolvers, first things first, we are to help others and we are mature to one-another, we try to do things to keep the clan active and fun for everyone. We would like you to check out our forums and feel free to post on any of the threads you can get to :). If you respect and be active, you are very likely to get promoted to a rank higher. We would like to hear from you in clan forums or in-game, please do not be disrespectful, we are to help others if they would like the help and have fun, but do NOT break any rules from Runescape.

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