The Rejects

The Rejects

"If interested in joining just hop in The Rejects clan chat : )"

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Welcome to The Rejects...  We are a group of people who just want to play the game and socialize...  We just created this clan April 11, 2015...  We mainly want to socialize and have fun….  Ranks aren’t important to us because after all it is just a game…  We would like to get the Citidal to tier 7 but have a long ways to go...  Citidal work is not mandatory we just ask that you visit the Citidal once a week…  Some of us like to just skill and some like to PvM... but mostly we just skill…  We joke a lot in clan chat and have a good time…  We even have people who just come in our clan chat and hang out…  So if interested join our Clan Chat...  The Rejects... You may just have a good time!!! Thanks for your interest.


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