The Roman Rebels

The Roman Rebels

"Skilling, all the fun you can have, no requirements, pvm"

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Once upon time, all of us were part of a much bigger clan. While it used to be an active and fun clan, focused on enjoying the game, the clan chat became a dead and desolate place. So, we left the sinking ship and took on a new challenge.

Soon, we were joined by tons of our friends. Now, united in our goal to enjoy RS to the fullest, we've become everything we aimed for: active, fun-loving and above all dashingly good-looking.

Even though we are a group of good friends, we're always looking to make new ones. Are you interested in joining our Rebellion? (You know you want to! We do have the most delicious cookies after all!)

Our only clan requirements are a total level of 1100 and a combat level of 70. If you are allowed to join without meeting these requirements, you are not eligible for promotions until you do.

Check out our thread below. You can join up by posting there, visiting our CC or by PMing one of our members in game.

We look forward to meeting you!

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