The Shadow Warriors

The Shadow Warriors

"Roll up your sleeves, prepare for battle, dominate the opposition."

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Greetings, fellow Runescaper!

Welcome to "The Shadow Warriors" clan page. We are the 'go to' node for mini-gaming. In number we do pretty much anything: mini-games, co-op slayer, dungeoneering, capping at the citadel, divination cache and locations, or just plain skilling, we do it all; but not if we have little or no clan mates and team players at that. Are you good at recruiting? We look forward to your allegiance and your loyalty in making this clan grow. Clan helps (as a minor) include: req assist, lending, D&D, and quest help. We are strongly centered on reviving mini-gaming, if there is any place to do it, it's here. Bossing is left between friends or beginners' practices.
       Does this clan impress? Contact us at anytime in-game by joining one of our clan mate's friend's chats and texting them or by guesting in our clan chat. We look forward to meeting you. Any questions? You can visit our website at "theshadowwarriors . boards . net" or our main forum thread at "7kga".

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57 Soon Ko 57 Soon Ko Admin
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Garrett77777 Garrett77777 Lieutenant
krhinto krhinto Recruit
Alexanderlr Alexanderlr Recruit
Deadreaper45 Deadreaper45 Recruit
Turtle_21 Turtle_21 Recruit
IronAubreal IronAubreal Recruit
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Clan event - Clan Visit 116 23-Dec-15 23:00
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GnoJVloire The Shadow G-nome 20-Sep-2016 19:54
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