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The Sparrowhawks

"Power is nothing without friendship."

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Welcome to The Sparrow "YEAH" Hawks clan page. We are a friendly clan that focuses on having a great time playing the game together. We often go on boss hunting trips for the more aggressively inclined among our ranks.

On top of that, our very own quest-cape-owning         F e r g u s        V o r b    will be more than happy to give you a slightly too in-depth guide to any quest of your choosing!

We are open to all combat levels, both F2P and P2P. We work on a theory that all good work should be rewarded, and this is how you gain ranks within the clan.

We are based in the UK, so we are in the GMT time zone. As a result, please do not expect there to always be another member online if you are not in the GMT time zone.

The only requirement for entry is that you have a total level of 750 or above, which equates to an average level of 30 in each skill. Yeah.

So thanks for your time, we hope to see you in the clan!

~GxP Myth

Dragons. Put simply, Dragons.

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