The True Defiance

The True Defiance

"Netflix and chill! Combat and Skill! Pillage and Kill! That's us!"

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The True Defiance is a clan aiming to create a friendly community for all types of Runescape players.
We accommodate all playing styles including PvMers, Skillers, PKers and many more.
With dedicated clan leaders, staff, and members alike, we can achieve the goal of becoming a great community for all.


Clan Requirements:
0+ Combat/ Skill Level.

Clan Rules:
-Please don't spam in Clan Chat.
-Ranks are earned
-Respect Other Clan members

What we're looking for:
- Players with a good attitude to help others and our clan.
- Active, Sensible and Loyal Players.

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Top Clanmates

Patreca Patreca Owner
Kinzzzie Kinzzzie Deputy Owner
Runixs Runixs Overseer
Synthy Synthy Overseer
Avendesora Avendesora Organiser
OSAruther OSAruther Admin
PenaD PenaD Admin
Pawkehts Pawkehts Admin
hexyWex hexyWex Admin
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MooGrace Clan Ranking and Promotions: 20-Jan-2015 23:12
plyleris Clan rules. 07-Nov-2014 16:15
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