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**** About Timeless Honour ****

We have set high requirements on membership so that the events and activities can be rewarding as well as fun, however what is key is a good outgoing personality (mature), participating in the clan chat and clan forums. As high level players, we feel we can still learn and improve our gaming experience by working together and helping other clan members.

We believe in a free and open clan for Runescape players. Rather than being bound by rules we are led by our set of values. We believe that all members of a clan
have equal importance and say in the running and events of the clan. We recognize those who join us by their agreement and embracing of our values.

Please visit our CC for more information: "Timeless H"

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Timeless H Timeless H Owner
Barnnz Barnnz Deputy Owner
Babylongirl7 Babylongirl7 Deputy Owner
rippeth06 rippeth06 Deputy Owner
Kissmeplox1 Kissmeplox1 Deputy Owner
rippeth rippeth Deputy Owner
Margord Margord Organiser
Geoffski Geoffski Organiser
Sberian Hsky Sberian Hsky Organiser
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rippeth06 Timeless Honour 23-May-2017 06:58
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