Titan Strong

Titan Strong

"We are a duo owned clan of PVM level 120+ and Merchanting all levels"

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                                                 Welcome to Titan Strong
The Titans were a race of powerful immortals in Greek mythology with super-human strength and wealth. They were respected and held in high regard by all believers of their abilities.  They enjoyed many luxuries that the average man did not have. We are Titan strong in we believe in fighting with honor and respect and to the best of our abilities  in ourselves and in our clan. We believe in helping others in building their  fighting and money making skills, with honor, dignity, and respect. We do boss fighting and true, honest merchanting.

Our rankings are based on how well you serve the clan and its members as a whole. We are Titans and looking for the strongest of the strong or those that are willing to learn. We are only as weak as the one standing alone.  Apply to join our team and become " Titan Strong".
Owner  - 1TrueGoddess
Deputy Owner - MightyHeroes

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