"You don't have to be able to spell it to join!! Any level welcome!!"

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Transcend (verb): to rise above, to go beyond, to surpass the expected, excel, outdo

Welcome! We are a diverse group who support all ways of playing.  Whether you are a skiller or a killer you will find respect, support and encouragement here.

Follow the rules

                                        ~~~Clan Chat Rules~~~

1 Respect your clanmates at all times.  No personal attacks
2 Support and encourage your clanmates.  No one-upping
3 No racism, religious, explicit, political or drug talk.  Easy on the language
4 No spamming
5 Capping is not mandatory but highly encouraged.
6 Attending events is encouraged but not mandatory.  Anyone can make an event
7 No begging
8 No asking for rank
9  Appropriate game name
10 All Jagex rules apply


See forum or Discord for events and times.

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