"Social PVM clan! Weekly bossing organized and spontaneous!"

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We're a brand new clan formed Jan 26th, 2016 and are growing very rapidly. We seek a fun crowd.

We take frequent bossing trips and all are welcome. We are also more than willing to teach those who are still learning. Big events will be organized and small events will be spontaneous.

We aren't strict on capping, but we do appreciate all effort taken place and encourage those within our clan to cap together to save from boredom.

 Immaturity is welcome to an extent, but we do not tolerate stealing other clan mate's stuff, unwarranted trash talk, or drama. If you have an issue with someone take it up with them and leave it out of the clan. We're a family and we love to mess with each other all the time but it's all light-hearted. If anyone ever truly upsets you just let them or an officer know and we can resolve the situation.

We're not here to bother other clans, we are literally a group of friends who enjoy playing Runescape together, and you are more than welcome to join!

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