True Friends

True Friends

"Not just a clan, a family where friend is more than a word. "

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Hi, I am the clan owner ChildofGod (AKA COG or Child). This is a clan where we take the word friendship very seriously. The truth is, though I make the final call in all major decisions, the clan is not really my clan. This clan belongs to each and every member of it.  We want this to be a fun clan. I welcome you to join, or at least try the clan for a short time, we think you will find us, just like family. I value the input of each of my members. We are a drama free clan and have been for 5 years, so if your looking for a home in RuneScape we are the place. We even have a Facebook page True Friends RuneScape Clan. Message me with any questions you may have, I am always here to help. We are striving to make this the best clan in RuneScape and can only achieve that with its members, so again, I am open to any suggestions. We also ask all clan members to please read and sign our rules section. Thanks for checking us out and if you joined... Welcome to the family!


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