"Welcome to the clan: U. All of us here from U hope you will enjoy your stay!"

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There are no requirements, Citadel capping is not required and most of all, the only thing that is required is, you must be a passionate and of course, a friendly individual on Runescape! :)

Inquiries will go to a member of the Administration team or the Moderator team. If you have any interest of joining the clan or have any general questions at all please let us know. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you sometime in the future.

Administrator Team: AxtDaZoroark, Badass Karma, Thor Justin, Shadow Birb and Cute Lucario
Moderator Team: Badass Riolu, Wolf Lord, Lazy Zoroark, Liepard, Byuzi and Gryphon

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AxtDaZoroark AxtDaZoroark Owner
Badass Karma Badass Karma Deputy Owner
Shadow Birb Shadow Birb Overseer
Cute Lucario Cute Lucario Overseer
Thor Justin Thor Justin Overseer
Wolf Lord Wolf Lord Admin
Liepard Liepard Admin
Gryphon Gryphon Admin
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Badass Karma U Clan Info 07-Jul-2020 11:35
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