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Hello and welcome to the Veta Zita clanpage!
We are a new clan  who wants to expand to be as big as possible and provide the best gaming experience for our clan members, we host events such bossing events, skilling events we are an easy going and friendly clan and will provide as much help to our members as we can.

Ranks will be gained as it follows
For every event completed you will gain 2 points
And for each 1 million experience gained you will earn 4 points
Cap every week if you do every cap is rewarded 2 points
Recruiting a person gives you 1 point
10 points = Rank up ( recruit )
20 points = Rank up ( sergeants )
25 points = Rank up ( above )

Admin ranks and higher will be awarded when you gain trust of leading members

Thanks for taking your time too read and if you want to join just join the clan as guest and ask for invite!
Join now! :)

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