United Armed Forces

United Armed Forces

"United we stand. Divided we fall. Join us comrades, the battle has begun!"

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Welcome to the Clan Page of the United Armed Forces!


Combat Level 50+
Pures with pure stat Level 70+

This is how ranks are distributed

Recruit- 0 events attended
Corporal- 1 event attended
Sergeant- 3 events attended
Lieutenant- 7 events attended
Captain- 15 events attended
General- 25 events attended

Admin+ are picked based on unwavering loyalty and dedication to the clan.

Alone we are weak, but united we are powerful. Thus, we must fight as one to achieve victory.

Join us comrades, our war has begun.

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Top Clanmates

PkmnáMaster PkmnáMaster Owner
AFG_T741N45 AFG_T741N45 Overseer
HeroáOfáLege HeroáOfáLege Overseer
ShiningáMan2 ShiningáMan2 Coordinator
f0ggle f0ggle Organiser
[#T4Q272UHL] [#T4Q272UHL] Admin
CH_2iWnXRH CH_2iWnXRH Admin
[#OTFI58DAQ] [#OTFI58DAQ] Admin
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Special 50 20-Aug-11 18:00
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