United Forces

United Forces

"No clan is as great as ours... we help out everybody in anything, just ask. "

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We are a friendly clan and anybody is welcome to join!,  we are also willing to Destroy all that come in are way!

if you wish to join Then you can ask--
1chips700, Relax Its Ok, Dachief137, Tyazi, Devenpunk, Sloan 6969, G-UNIT666

If none of the above members that ive listed are online then just ask any online member

And you can join just for the cape!! look at it.. You know you want it..

-Sloan 6969

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1chips700 1chips700 Owner
[#2GUABN5JS] [#2GUABN5JS] Overseer
[#HKBTEFWB6] [#HKBTEFWB6] Overseer
boyka10 boyka10 General
Hezbollah818 Hezbollah818 Lieutenant
polar wolfs polar wolfs Lieutenant
[#KSRKCH8RU] [#KSRKCH8RU] Sergeant
[#9ZIKFL5XS] [#9ZIKFL5XS] Sergeant
doomslayerjb doomslayerjb Sergeant
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