United Hybrids

United Hybrids

""Why be normal when you can be a hybrid?""

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Welcome to United Hybrids!
We're a New, Fun, Social, Helpful and Welcoming Clan for All Levels.
What we really Concentrate on is Unity / Bringing People Together As One So That We Can All Achieve Our Goals Together... Either by Maxing, Achieving 99's/120's/200m's, Getting Into PvM, PvP, Flipping, Merching, Quests, D&D's, Minigames... You Name It and We'll Try to Help in The Best Way We Can.

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HybridáTyr HybridáTyr Owner
Salty Psy Salty Psy Admin
mugi waraa mugi waraa Captain
JackáWest JackáWest Captain
zoidberg125 zoidberg125 Captain
HrTeller HrTeller Lieutenant
Dawn Warden Dawn Warden Lieutenant
Baldaderk Baldaderk Lieutenant
Fred2437 Fred2437 Sergeant
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Council Meeting 92 07-Jan-19 02:00
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Author Thread Title Date
HybridáJeff Welcome To United Hybrids 16-Dec-2018 14:56
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