"The World is Big, But The Universe is bigger! Join Us! Be Universal!"

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Welcome to Universal! We're a Freeplay and Members clan.
Our members were mostly social/skilling, but we occasionally did PvM/PvP. along with any interesting content in the game.

Unfortunately, majority of our members have moved on in real life, have left, retired, or went to OSRS (Our most active year was 2012). The main owners, Samau and Steau, once sought for Maxed and Completionist.

All we ask from you is to reach the Resource Cap needed in the Clan Citadel per week.
Avatar Wardens: Samau, Steau
If you want access to the Clan Avatar buffs, you must:
1. Pay 300 orts to the Avatar.(It's a must). [Skip to step 2 if you haven't paid*
2. Ask for "Who has the Avatar?" when the Wardens are online in the Clan Chat.
3. Go to their world OR politely ask them to come to your world (Low chance, but does occur)
*We're very sorry if you don't get a .06 (6%) boost, but .03 (3%) is better than nothing, However, if you ask nicely, the Wardens may come to you,

-Steau | May 26, 2016

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Samau Samau Owner
Steau Steau Deputy Owner
Tour Guide Tour Guide Deputy Owner
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[#V841FLOLC] [#V841FLOLC] Overseer
REG4N REG4N Overseer
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Pokechris20 Pokechris20 Sergeant
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