"Welcome! Join us and become Unparagoned! Feel free to guest in our clan chat."

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Welcome to Unparagoned Clan Page. Our members support, joke, banter, help, and advise each other - always cooperates as a team. This is a Social / Skilling / Bossing Clan, with members of mature ages. We do big group bossing, small group bossing, PVP, skilling events, clan misc events, achievement parties, drop parties, etc. We do everything and any member is welcome to host an event!

Clan Chat Rules:
1~ No begging, scamming, botting or luring in the Clan.
2~ Respect all members of the Clan.

* Breaking Clan Chat rules will result in a warning or removal from the Clan.

Discord Invite:
Clan Citadel:
Capping at the citadel is NOT required. If you want the full weekly experience boost, then cap.

Clan Requirements:
120+ CB or 2100+ Skill Total (subject to increase when member cap comes close)
Feel free to guest the Clan Chat. Our Clan is for those who want to have a chilled environment, hang out, and have fun.

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Chronicius Chronicius Owner
Spartakyste Spartakyste Deputy Owner
William 1505 William 1505 Overseer
Sesamisation Sesamisation Coordinator
M1ssLurple M1ssLurple Coordinator
Josh GamerHD Josh GamerHD Coordinator
Hibyeman Hibyeman Organiser
Doctor N Gin Doctor N Gin Organiser
GoingNative GoingNative Admin
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Josh GamerHD Recruitment Thread Link 07-Nov-2018 01:01
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