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Viking Clan

"From Ashes We Will Rise Again"

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ÆViking Clan is, first and foremost, a very old clan. Our clan was created before the 6th Age, before RS3, before EoC, before bonfires, before RuneSpan, before the Toolbelt, before Nex, before many of the things people take for granted in today's RuneScape. In the seven years our clan has existed, we've adapted and evolved to a changing game and a changing community. One thing we have never changed, however, is our dedication to the community.

Viking Clan is and will always be a Social Clan. Since we were founded in 2010, we have never set entry requirements, nor have we ever placed mandatory events, meetings, or Citadel work. We feel this is fundamentally against the spirit of a Social clan, as forced participation does not contribute to the health of a clan community.

 º°ˆ¨Everything is optional, nothing is mandatory¨ˆ°º

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