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Welcome to Dark Ruin. We are a clan of friendly, mature, and relaxed players with a mission to create a family of players to enjoy playing the game together and facilitating individual and group goals. From skillers and killers, to questers and merchers, all are welcome in the Dark Family.

Founded: May 2018

Member Requirements:
- Be mature
- Be friendly
- No skill or achievement requirements
- Keep profanity to a controlled level

Want to join? We would love to have you with us!
- Guest in our CC 'Dark Ruin' to get a feel for the place and ask questions. Don't be shy to ask for an invite either.
- Pm DarkeFire (Owner)
- Pm Sxcb

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Vocko Vocko Owner
sedlb5157 sedlb5157 Deputy Owner
Giruek Giruek Deputy Owner
Blackie2010 Blackie2010 General
Sxcb Sxcb Corporal
Denver_490 Denver_490 Corporal
72 Dig Dig 72 Dig Dig Recruit
SpaceHamster SpaceHamster Recruit
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