W89 Fishers

W89 Fishers

"All your fish are belong to us"

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Welcome to the W89 Fishers Clan Page! Secondly, you don't have to fish to join! It's based around Fishing but feel free to join if you're doing other skills! I'm going to give a brief introduction to our clan :)

World 89 has always been a popular place to fish at. I have been at the fishing guild for several years and have seen people come and people go. The guild itself is usually full of people hard at work fishing, so what better way to build a positive community than to have a place where everyone can meet up and chat.

The clan was created on July 19th 2009, and we are a social clan for people doing anything and everything in Runescape. Whether you just want to skill, do some combat, chat or need help and advice; W89 Fishers is happy to welcome you to our ever growing family!

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fab jens .:. W89 Fishers .:. 31-Jul-2011 17:48
DEADLY DOG Want to join? 13-Apr-2011 21:47
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