We Are Epic

We Are Epic

"We Are Epic not Average Proudly Supporting Cancer Patients World Wide"

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We started from the clan "we areepic" and grew from there. We are a friendly clan to talk in and we have events once and a while. We focus on keeping a friendly environment in the clan.

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Abc123 HC Abc123 HC Deputy Owner
Bellalabell Bellalabell Organiser
Stazia Blue Stazia Blue Admin
Goed Knut Goed Knut Admin
Thortune Thortune Admin
Hyp Hyp General
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perplyone Clan Rules 06-Oct-2017 22:18
FairyTail93 Clan Citadels 13-Nov-2012 13:02
Abc123 Clan Ranking 09-Feb-2012 02:31
Abc123 Clan punishments 15-Nov-2011 23:01
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