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Wicked Fury

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Wicked Fury is currently one of the oldest Runescape clans in history. Previously a top tier warring clan, Wicked Fury now focuses on community and overall enjoyment of the game. We have many different types of players from PvMers to Skillers and are welcoming to anyone who meets our requirements and respects our rules. We have excelled in PvP so much that we have been recognized by Jagex and invited to their studio to compete in the Clan Cup in 2014. We encourage you to join if you are an experienced player looking for an enjoyable time on RS.

`¸.•General Info

Founded: January 21, 2006
Home world: 85
Citadel tier: 7 (3 Avatars)

Winners of 7 out of 8 categories in the Clan Cup 2015 (Combat)
Finalists of the Clan Cup 2014 (Legacy AND EOC Cup (Combat)
Winners of the Clan Cup 2013 (Combat)
Winners of the Clan Cup 2009 (Combined)

Recruitment Thread: 92-93-778-65727363
or check us out on our offsite.

Have questions or want to chat? Join our clan chat in game.

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Top Clanmates

RNGesus RNGesus Owner
Joeyman Joeyman Deputy Owner
Carden Carden Overseer
IWreckShopI IWreckShopI Overseer
Angry Baker Angry Baker Overseer
Slain Aura Slain Aura Overseer
Golden Sun Golden Sun Coordinator
Lugster Lugster Organiser
Gundam 00 Gundam 00 Admin
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Clan Events
Type Description World Date/Time
PvP 85 15-May-25 07:30
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Author Thread Title Date
RNGesus How to Join Wicked Fury 07-Jul-2017 06:28
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