Wild Ones

Wild Ones

"Lucy don't gotta 'splain nothin' to nobody!"

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We are a kinda "Un-Clanny" clan, a group of free spirits who enjoy the game of Runescape, and the company of other fun and interesting people as we bump along the road of life.  We have a diversity of members; some who skill, some who prefer to kill, and quite a few who like a well-rounded approach to the game. At this point we don't have so-called "Events" other than randomly getting together for boss killing, penguin hunting, dungeons, and the like. The more the merrier!  Bring good vibes, be yourself, and welcome to Wild Ones!   =^.^=

Please note:    We believe in fair play, and follow the rules Jagex has set forth for us.   Those who knowingly break Jagex rules may be removed from the clan without warning.  Please read and follow Jagex rules, as well as our clan's only official rule:  "Don't be annoying."  Thank you!

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Wild1 Wild1 Owner
Kfgenius Kfgenius Deputy Owner
DruidáBard DruidáBard Deputy Owner
Quietlee Quietlee Deputy Owner
Siz Siz Deputy Owner
Streben Streben Deputy Owner
Manks Manks Deputy Owner
Blazar Blazar Deputy Owner
Kimmus Kimmus Deputy Owner
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