Wise Monopoly

Wise Monopoly

"We Came. We Merched. We Monopolized."

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Wise Monopoly is a merchant community clan accommodating the full gambit of runescape related activities, including investing, flipping, staking, skilling, PvM, new updates, and much more! Our goal is to teach and improve our clan community in achieving their goals and encourage teamwork! Wise monopoly has zero tolerance for begging.

Recruiting active players

Who can join?
-  Anyone willing to share their knowledge and learn from others too!

How to join?
- Pm highest rank online

Clan Events:

Weekly Citadel Party - A great social and skilling time for all! For more details check out the forum post below.

Weekly Prize Drawing - 17.5M gp given out to random citadel cappers. We appreciate all contributors and this is a fun way to recognize those who consistently contribute. View the previous winners below!

More to come!

Join Wise Monopoly clan chat as a guest and ask for an invite today :)

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Clan Updates

Clan Events
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Author Thread Title Date
nZyMa Rank requirements 19-Jul-2020 23:19
Lady Divine Weekly Raffle Winners (part 3) 17-Dec-2019 15:53
idrathergolf Recommendations for Admin 19-Feb-2019 17:05
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