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WolfScape 3

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Welcome to the WolfScape Community!

We are RuneScapes largest Social Community, spanning over 3 Clans:
WolfScape, WolfScape 2 and WolfScape 3.

There are no requirements to join our community; all we ask for is that you are P2P to join.

Our community is social by nature, so we have very active Clan Chats; there is always someone online to talk to and do things with.

We have a growing Citadel which members are free to enjoy and skill in. Capping is not mandatory.

Our dedicated Events team host Events every day which everyone is welcome to attend. PVM, PVP, Minigames, Skilling Days, Questing Days and Fun Events are a few types to mention.

We have an easy to follow and fair Rank System which allows our members to Rank up and help manage this massive community.

There's always something to do in our community and we really hope you enjoy being a part of our Wolf pack :)

If you wish to join please guest in our Clan Chat: WolfScape 3.
We hope to see you soon!

Agita Sage

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