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Welcome to the Wolfepack. The pack came into being in November, 2009 and has grown, changed and evolved over the years to meet the needs of runescape and clan members.

Here you can expect to meet some fantastic new friends, family and great pack members. All ages are welcome, but this is a primarily adult clan and we do appreciate maturity.

Events are planned but not required for any pack member although everyone is encouraged to join and have fun when you can. Every week, we do plan for Penguin hunts on Sundays, and we may also have additional events that allow everyone to get together for fun times as we train different skills.

We also do not "require" you to work the citadel every week, but this is strongly encouraged for every pack member and is necessary to advance to any rank above lieutenant.

Also, please keep in mind, that we do NOT allow vulgar or offensive language in our clan chat.

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