World 23 Fan Club

World 23 Fan Club

"W23 skilling clan. Friendly, mature, no req's other than be nice and have fun!"

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Welcome to the W23 Fan Club's homepage!

Over a decade ago, a number of mods of all flavours began running weekly Battle a Mod community events showing that, hey, y'know, those peeps with crowns 'aint so bad after all. Duelling in Al Kharid, fighting the KBD and chillin' on the Fishing Trawler. Good times. Since then, said mod community events have moved elsewhere, but the strong sense of community between like-minded players endured - setting up a social group on our favourite homeworld, W23.

Nowadays we're a relaxed social bunch that hangs around for, well, fun! We're not primarily a combat, minigame, skilling, PvP or, well, anything clan - not to say we don't do any of that - rather a friendly group of mature players, online since forever, that enjoys good conversation, good laughs and above all good 'scapin.

Oh, and we have a pretty nifty Citadel with avatars available for that sweet 6% exp gain... !

Pop by the CC or the FC: Tuffty

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Tuffty Tuffty Owner
Jollyscout Jollyscout Deputy Owner
Avd Avd Deputy Owner
JollyáScout JollyáScout Deputy Owner
Kkryan Kkryan Deputy Owner
Thesims2001 Thesims2001 Deputy Owner
KoalaáBlue KoalaáBlue Deputy Owner
Asimato Asimato Deputy Owner
Thesims201 Thesims201 Overseer
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RalpháWiggum Welcome to W23 Battle a Mod! 01-Jul-2012 12:29
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