World Gaurdians

World Gaurdians

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World Guardians is a social clan.
We accommodate a wide range of players and play styles .
We enjoy many parts of Runescape and just have fun !

Membership requirements:
Any level;
Be a mature player;
MUST gather resources in our citadel if asked by high rank.

Clan Chat:
Be respectful;
No Spamming or Abusing;
No Runescape bashing;
Try to be active !

Given for being active, citadel upkeep and helping other clan members.

Contact:  Mighty Noob

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Top Clanmates

Sanyos Sanyos Owner
Zet 2 Zet 2 Deputy Owner
Mighty Noob Mighty Noob Deputy Owner
Zal78 Zal78 Deputy Owner
Coolshoot1 Coolshoot1 Deputy Owner
v Bagelz v Bagelz Recruit
Ozymandias8 Ozymandias8 Recruit
DivineDynsty DivineDynsty Recruit
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fartknockerz Avatar 08-Sep-2015 23:57
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