Wrath Of Skillers

Wrath Of Skillers

"Kesatuan Pemain-Pemain RuneScape Melayu Bersatu (KPRMB)"

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We are a clan that have been around for several years, now it is open for our peers who share our vision of maximizing our experience on Runescape while not sacrificing our life's value. Through the vision of our leader, we were hoping that our clan mates could enjoy the experience on Runescape, and be the active Runescape community who are both polite and available for our peers for any reasonable help they may need, the diminishing value that lacked in today's community.We got ex-Clan Member from local clans such as Mythology,Conspiracers,EliteSquad,Unity and etc. We are currently recruiting players across Runescape who share our values, if you are one of them, you are welcome to enter the clan chat as guest and ask any rank of clan members for an invitation.

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Stillborn Stillborn Owner
Oxel Oxel Deputy Owner
Admiral Rds Admiral Rds Deputy Owner
payluck payluck Deputy Owner
Zwan Zwan Deputy Owner
Ikan Siakap Ikan Siakap Deputy Owner
Ej0y Ej0y Deputy Owner
Nadiahaha Nadiahaha Deputy Owner
Amad Amad Deputy Owner
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PvM - Boss 85 22-Mar-14 23:30
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